Jury convicts Tri-City man of six crimes

TRI-CITY HERALD STAFFNovember 2, 2013 

A Tri-City man is facing prison time after he was convicted by a Franklin County Superior Court jury of six crimes.

Rogelio Delgado Rodriguez was armed with a firearm when he assaulted a Franklin County sheriff's deputy, said Prosecutor Shawn Sant.

More details on the assault were not immediately available.

"Although the deputy was not injured in this case, it is a reminder of the dangers the men and women in law enforcement face while protecting our community," Sant said in a news release.

He thanked Deputy Prosecutor Brian Hultgrenn and sheriff's Deputy George Rapp for their involvement in the case.

The jury returned guilty verdicts Friday against Rodriguez for second-degree assault with a firearm, second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, second-degree possession of stolen property, taking a vehicle without permission, unlawful possession of a short-barrel shotgun or rifle and driving under the influence.

Rodriguez is facing 51/2 to 61/2 years in prison including three years for the firearm enhancement, Sant said. Sentencing is set Nov. 19.

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