Letter: Part-time employers causing hardships

November 2, 2013 

Letter: Part-time employers causing hardships

I would like to address one of the issues that affects a lot of us -- part times jobs. It is no secret that living on minimum wage is extremely hard and seems impossible at times. But I want to call attention to the fact that it isn't just a lack of work ethic causing these hardships. A lot of employers, especially here in the Tri-Cities, are unwilling to hire people for more than 10-15 hours a week, and they are also unwilling to work around work schedules from other jobs, making it very hard to maintain two jobs.

I cannot tell you how many job interviews I have been on where the interviewers told me that they liked me, but they would not be willing to work around another job's schedule because it would be an inconvenience. The majority of part time jobs want the candidates to have 100 percent open availability for 2-10 hours per week.It is frustrating when we are trying to survive in this economy.


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