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November 1, 2013 

Every season brings an easy, slow-news-day feature shot. Snowy days and summer haze lead to sleds and spray parks, while spring brings budding flowers and trees.

And while fall's go-to is most obvious of all, it's tough to elevate beyond the obvious purdy leaf snap.

I'm already a weak landscape and nature photographer. For one, it doesn't really interest me that much, so I don't scout out potentially great locations and wait for the right light. That sweet light isn't always on my side during the slow days in which we need some wild art for the paper.

A couple weeks ago, I went on such a search, starting out by crouching in front of Park Ranger Rich Hillmer and getting a face full of leaves and dirt:

As I photographed him working, I looked around a bit and snapped some other fall scenes at Two Rivers Park in Finley:

A few days later, I resigned myself to another park stop, this time framing the moon at Leslie Groves,

and finding a leaf hanging by a spider's thread:

Windy weather a few days later found me stopping for some leaf-strewn Halloween decorations. This time, fake spider webs did the heavy lifting:

They're a bit of a snooze, though, and I've always had trouble showing wind in still photos. Later that day I tried working a scene, using some slow shutter speeds:

I don't think it worked out, though. I really could have used some neutral density filters to really slow things down, and the sky isn't interesting enough. To even slow it down to this point meant overexposing a bit and bringing down the highlights in post. And for the first time, a Back to the Feature sequel might not involve people at all.

You can see Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm not sure there's a great scenic shot to be made at this spot, but I do know there's a better photo to be made. And while I don't have the drive to really work on my nature photography, I'll be keeping an eye on this spot through all four seasons.

Speaking of seasons changing and time passing by...

The Indiana Daily Student had a nice feature on the closing of a Bloomington institution, but it's not the photos and slideshow that led me to lead with this link, it's the stellar story written by Jessica Contrera. It totally made me wish I had eaten there.

Another youngster is doing some amazing work across the pond. Rosie Hardy was 19 when Maroon 5 found a photo of hers on Flickr while looking for possible album artwork and the discovery launched her career.

The Seattle Times' Erika Schultz has a lovely set of images from her trip to India last November.

The Big Picture has a horrifying set about the potential effects of agrochemicals in Argentina.

And when the Denver Post's R.J. Sangosti was barred from photographing the Katy Perry concert at a local high school, he put together a funny little video about it.

Thanks to former Herald copy editor Jake Dorsey for the headline after I berated him on Facebook for help.

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