Election letter -- Initiative 522: Yes

November 1, 2013 

According to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, Washington residents have contributed about $10,000 to the No on Initiative 522 campaign and about $2.3 million to the Yes on I-522 campaign. If in-State money reflects the will of the people of Washington, including the farmers who are for I-522, why are we being bombarded with No on I-522 advertising?

It's because out-of-state corporations and lobbyists from the other Washington are spending $32 million and counting in the No on I-522 campaign. Do you really think they're spending all this money for our benefit?

I am voting yes because I don't believe that out-of-state corporations and District of Columbia lobbyists should be able distort Washington elections.

Most of the genetically modified food grown in the United States is engineered to be "Roundup ready" -- crops that won't die when spayed with Roundup. More Roundup is being sprayed on crops as weeds become increasingly resistant to it.

I'm also voting yes on I-522 because after reading the Roundup instruction label (wear protecting clothing, don't get it on your, skin, etc.), I want to know which items in the grocery store have been sprayed with Roundup.

ALAN HOPKO, Richland

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