Election letter -- KGH board: Malson, Briggs

November 1, 2013 

Having served as a concerned south Richland citizen of the Kennewick Public Hospital District on what was the KGH Foundation, and presently on the Trios Health Planning Committee, I support the re-election of board commissioner Wanda Briggs and the election of Eric Malson.

Wanda proved extraordinarily dedicated as a board commissioner, pursuing facts and leading with a passion to make this world a better place starting within our own community. Her focus is on ensuring we and future generations have a hospital capable of meeting current and future health care needs. She is a tireless ambassador believing people in our district have the right to retain choice about where they want to receive medical care.

Eric Malson's background in finance has been of particular benefit in the KGH (now Trios) Foundation in providing vision and facilitating future development strategies and goals. Our district has benefited from Eric's intellect and positive work ethic. He's hardworking and dedicated to advancing medical care, also supporting the enhancement of medical education in our area.

Their combined vision and commitment lead to my endorsement.


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