Election letter -- Initiative 522: No

November 1, 2013 

I'm voting no on Initiative 522. Proponents of I-522 claim that genetically modified organisms are dangerous, that we need labels if our food has GMOs and that there will be no cost. All of these claims are false. Our food supply is already safe, and there is no scientific evidence that GMOs are not safe. Labels won't help much because most GMO crops are fed to animals and do not directly enter our food supply (we eat animals that might have eaten GMO corn).

The costs of tracking GMO foodstuffs are high and are unfair to farmers. Your grocery bill, though, will go up. When do we decide when food requires a label? Answer: when 9/10ths of 1 percent is GMO. This could turn out badly. Food cops would be tracking not only GMO corn but that corn when it gets mixed with non-GMO corn. Farmers will pay. Consumers will pay. And the food supply won't be any safer -- just more confusing.

People who want to track what they eat already have choices. They can buy organic. They can grow their own. And, frankly, they can stay out of my kitchen.

JAMES R. PRATT, Richland

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