Election letter -- Kennewick port: Barnes

November 1, 2013 

Before August, I had never heard of Don Barnes, but what he did on Aug. 18 changed not only my life and his but also changed the lives of many others in this community.

Don Barnes decided to hold a fundraiser. Pretty typical in an election year, but this fundraiser wasn't for him. It was a charity fundraiser for a little known nonprofit therapeutic horseback riding program that my daughter has been involved in for more than five years, called STRIDES. Don, a horse lover himself, and coming from a family of horse lovers, pulled together numerous volunteers and centered the fundraiser around amazing performances from Redd Barney Clydesdales and Sequins and Spurs.

Don's name recognition may have drawn in the crowds that day but the generosity of his family and those attending helped STRIDES raise enough money to provide riding scholarships to more than 10 children for the coming year. A small idea and a selfless act that grew bigger than we ever imagined.

Don Barnes has a kind way about him with a strong "get 'er done" attitude. He is a man for the people and the right choice for port commissioner!


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