Mid-Columbia births for Thu, Oct 31, 2013

October 31, 2013 

Trios Health, Kennewick

SPEEGLE -- Genevieve and Michael, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 23.

IVERSON -- Kelly and Duane, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 24.

MILBOURN -- Shanteal and Cory Griffin, Richland, girl, Oct. 24.

HILL -- Jenny and Shane, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 25.

LOPEZ GUZMAN -- Esmeralda and Guadalupe Campos Guzman, Prescott, girl, Oct. 28.

SIMMONS -- Morgan and Bradlee, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 25.

OH -- Kyi and Htoo Lay, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 28.

GRIMM -- Janice and Charles, Mesa, girl, Oct. 29.

CASTILLO -- Lianna and Santos Alcaide, Pasco, boy, Oct. 29.

HARRER -- Kendra and Marques, Richland, boy, Oct. 29.

CASTANEDA -- Valeria and Oscar Gonzalez, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 29.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

ADAMS -- Samantha, Hermiston, girl, Oct. 22.

BEJARANO -- Cynthia and Samuel Medelez Posada, Hermiston, girl, Oct. 22.

CISNEROS -- Juana and Salomon Lemus, Umatilla, boy, Oct. 28.

Walla Walla General Hospital

SALZMAN -- Heather and Alexander, College Place, boy, Oct. 21.

BARNETT -- Kelly and Jeffery Barnett, Walla Walla, girl, Oct. 22.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

HUMPHRIES -- Autumn and Frank, Richland, boy, Oct. 24.

THAI -- Chalene and Aaron, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 23.

LAGUNAS -- Brenna, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 24.

WILLIAMS -- Megan and KC, Pasco, boy, Oct. 24.

RIOS -- Maria, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 24.

SEGUNDO -- Blanca and Pedro Arayo, Mattawa, girl, Oct. 29.

HOEFT -- Stephanie and Brandon, Richland, girl, Oct. 24.

GARZA -- Bertha and Charles, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 25.

PRATHER -- Jackie and Jay Davidson, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 25.

HARDIN -- Jennifer and Joseph, Prosser, girl, Oct. 25.

VIVEROS -- Diana and Cesar Salazar, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 26.

POTTS -- Chelsea and Coti Dahl, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 27.

KNIVETON -- Erin and Sam, Pasco, girl, Oct. 27.

RIVES -- Jasmyne and Clint Wilton, Pasco, boy, Oct. 27.

SCHIFFERN -- Naoko and John, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 27.

PERKINS -- Serena and Casey, West Richland, girl, Oct. 27.

BIAGINI -- Bianca and Jordan Bandurski, Pasco, boy, Oct. 27.

DICKINSON -- Juhana and Thomas, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 27.

RINEAR -- Lovelle and Matthew, Richland, boy, Oct. 27.

CERVANTES -- Lupe, Pasco, girl, Oct. 27.

SOTO MEJIA -- Reynalda and Javier Chavez, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 28.

O'NEILL -- Megan and Kyle Leveque, Pasco, boy, Oct. 28.

EVANS -- Kacy and Lars Larson, Pasco, boy, Oct. 28.

GARCIA -- Kennia and Roberto Montano, Pasco, girl, Oct. 28.

ALDERLIESTEN -- Tassie and Nate, Pasco, girl, Oct. 28.

HAACK -- Shankari and Jereme, West Richland, boy, Oct. 28.

SNAPP -- Savanna and Joshua Swing, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 29.

ABARCA -- Karen and Adrian Roldan, Hermiston, boy, Oct. 29.

VASQUEZ -- Lucy and Mateo, Pasco, boy, Oct. 29.

BARTON -- Erika and Alex Linn, Richland, twin boys, Oct. 29.

KENNY -- Carmel and Matthew, Umatilla, girl, Oct. 29.

ROSALES -- Crystal and Teo, Pasco, boy, Oct. 29.

SANTOS -- Guadalupe and Jaime Santos, Pasco, girl, Oct. 30.

PORRAS -- Roxana and Alejandro Romero, Pasco, girl, Oct. 30.

NEWMAN -- Brandy and Kyle Hagins, Benton City, boy, Oct. 30.

POPOVICH -- Katie and Andrey, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 30.

LANDA -- Imelda and Pedro Arellano, Prescott, girl, Oct. 30.

LANGHEID -- Jennifer and Robert, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 30.

MUNSON -- Carrie and Cory, Richland, boy, Oct. 31.

FIERROS -- Maria and Bernardo Lopez, Pasco, boy, Oct. 31.

CROOK -- Elizabeth and Nigel, West Richland, girl, Oct. 31.

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