Election letter -- West Richland: Johnson

October 30, 2013 

Election letter -- West Richland: Johnson

Merle Johnson has a solid history of involvement in West Richland, both in city government and as a volunteer. His close involvement has given him good insight into the challenges we face as well as an appreciation for why people choose to live here. He understands that much of the appeal for those that live here is a quiet neighborhood without the traffic, lights and congestion that has plagued other areas in the Tri-Cities. While he understands that growth is necessary, he recognizes that poorly planned growth will only detract from its benefits.

Under his leadership there will be consideration given to the impact, both positive and negative, that new growth will have on residents as well as existing business. Merle will work to balance the need for revenue with maintaining the atmosphere that so many of us cherish. Also, he appreciates the need for accountability by government and will work to reduce wasteful spending of our taxes.

More importantly, Merle's willingness to give of his time and talents as a volunteer has demonstrated a level of caring and commitment to West Richland that makes him stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Vote for Merle.

PAM RICHEY, West Richland

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