Election letter -- Pasco school: Ruiz, Phillips, Christensen

October 30, 2013 

On Sept. 24, I attended a Pasco School Board meeting. I now feel better prepared to vote in the coming school board election. I left the meeting with questions: Why aren't we discussing student achievement? Why aren't we asking how we can improve our low scores? Why aren't we questioning strategies that don't work? To give the board the benefit of the doubt, I checked all 2011-13 school board meeting minutes on the PSD website with confidence that I would find proof of discussion, questions or any other indication that student achievement is a top priority. There was none.

I was glad to see that there were school board candidates in the audience. I spoke with them after the meeting and found that they were deeply concerned about these issues as well. They are highly capable and committed individuals. It is the right time for change on the Pasco School Board. It's time for new ideas and a fresh perspective. It's time for tough questions, accountability and results. It's time to put student achievement on the Pasco School Board agenda. Please join me in voting for Steve Christensen, Amy Phillips, and Javier Ruiz.


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