Election letter -- I-522: Yes

October 30, 2013 

Election letter -- I-522: Yes

Thank you for the informative front page article on I-522 Oct. 20. This initiative is leading the league in the "misleading advertisement" category. For anyone who wants to know what the intense battle against I-522 is really about I suggest viewing Seeds of Destruction at on YouTube or reading GMO Myths and Truths on the Internet at earthopensource.org.

The anti I-522 ads have failed to include the health cost that we will now all pay a portion of due to the unwitting consumption of GMO foods by those who may react to them or the costs associated with dumping millions of pounds of additional herbicides into our environment. Don't believe the ads. Read the initiative for yourself. I-522 is a reasonable start to enable consumers to be informed about what they are eating. It should be approved. Please vote yes on I-522.

W. CARTER HOPE, Kennewick

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