Pasco man to serve more than 10 years for raping young girl

By Tyler Richardson, Tri-City HeraldOctober 29, 2013 

A Pasco man was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison Tuesday for raping and molesting a young girl in 2007.

Jose Fidel Mandujano's victim -- who was in elementary school at the time of the crimes -- kept the abuse a secret for three years before telling her mother.

Mandujano, now 48, was a visitor at a home where the girl stayed while her mother was at work, court documents said. The girl told police he abused her more than five times.

The girl decided to tell her mother about the abuse in 2010 when she learned one of her relatives was going to stay at the same house.

"I guess when I was little I wasn't shy and quiet and stuff, but the way I feel is that he took a big part of me," the girl wrote in a statement to the judge. "Like, I'm not really the same person. I am scared he will do this to another child. He shouldn't be able to do this to another child. It wouldn't be fair for him to hurt another family like he hurt mine."

The abuse has affected the girl's performance in school and her relationships with men, court documents said. In her letter to the judge, she said her personality has changed and she is scared to sleep with the door closed.

The girl's mother feels the abuse is partially her fault because she had her daughter stay at the house where the abuse took place, court documents said. She said her daughters went to the house for years and she had no idea about the abuse.

"It has hurt us so bad that our family is negative about everything," the girl's mother wrote in court documents. "It hurts me and my husband so much that my children hurt so much because of this."

Franklin County prosecutors filed rape and molestation charges against Mandujano in July 2011 but he wasn't arrested until April 2013.

He pleaded guilty Sept. 17 to first-degree rape of a child and first-degree child molestation.

After pleading guilty, Mandujano told Department of Correction officials that the only time he remembers sexually abusing the girl was in a garage at the house, court documents said.

"I was drinking in the garage when I called the victim over and started to grab her. She said no and I got scared," he wrote.

Mandujano -- who served two years in federal prison in Arizona in 2004 for distributing methemphetmine -- told officials he has an alcohol problem and drinks at least three beers a day, court documents said.

At Tuesday's hearing in Franklin County Superior Court, Mandujano declined to speak in court before he was sentenced by Judge Vic VanderSchoor.

Prosecutors anticipate Mandujano, who is a native of Mexico, will be deported once his sentence is done.

If Mandujano remains in the United States, he will be placed on three years of probation and will have to register as a sex offender for life. There also is a lifetime, no-contact order with the victim and her family.

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