Fast Focus: 'Who do you blame for the recent government shutdown?' Group effort

October 27, 2013 

I blame myself. I blame you. I blame all those who voted into office the people who currently are serving. I blame those who didn't vote (in a lot of cases those numbers are larger than those who voted). I blame those who are in office -- be it the Congress or the administration -- that don't have a clue what it means to lead and to be loyal to the "People."

In general, but not exclusively, it appears that a lot of our leaders are into "me" vs. "we." Position, power and money trump what's best for our country right now and in the future. Ideology over what's best for every citizen.

I blame those who pay more attention to their cellphones, iPads and computers than what is happening in D.C. I blame those who want easy vs. working for what we get. I blame those that are intent to change our country in such a way as to belittle people of faith, to continue to give to certain segments a hand out rather than a hand up.

We get what we get. It really is up to all of us and we all share the burden of success or failure.

-- LENNY PERKINS, Richland

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