Fast Focus: 'Who do you blame for the recent government shutdown?' Fiscal year woes

October 27, 2013 

In considering the situation regarding the government shutdown, I look for root causes. I found one: The Congress has not passed and the president has not signed the 12 necessary appropriation bills before the beginning of this fiscal year. Myriad excuses can be offered, but the bottom line is that they have not done their job. It is not difficult to understand that Sept. 30 is the end of the fiscal year and that February follows January, March follows February ... and September follows August and by September 30, these bills need to become law.

When a clean CR is finally agreed to, I hope it contains an apology to the people (who are the employers) for not doing their job.

Similarly with the debt limit increase. Is Congress going to tell the president that he cannot raise the money to pay what Congress has already approved? What nonsense!


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