Election letter -- Pasco races: Larson, Christensen

October 27, 2013 

Vote for Tom Larson, Pasco City Council; and Steven Christensen, Pasco School District.

Why? Do you appreciate the ruse of having pseudo candidate's names on the ballot so they may resign, thereby allowing our patronizing city council/school board to appoint someone to complete their term?

Substantiation? Stuart Nelson filed and said, "A lot of people wanted me to do the thing." Gary Crutchfield said, "If someone is elected to the city council and resigns, then the council has 90 days to replace him." (Tri-City Herald, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013) You have no vote!

William Leggett admitted he was not going to run. He was talked into it.

At the candidates debate on Oct. 10, he relinquished his position to his challenger, Steven Christensen! psctv.pegcentral.com/) If Mr. Leggett wins and resigns, his replacement will be appointed by the Pasco School Board to serve the duration of his term. You have NO vote!

Shame on you Stuart Nelson and William Leggett for playing a political game to deny voters the opportunity to elect candidates to positions that daily impact their lives! Let someone who wants the job run for election.

Make your vote count. Vote Tom Larsen and Steven Christensen!


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