Election letter -- Kennewick council: Boehnke

October 25, 2013 

I am writing in support of Matt Boehnke for Kennewick City Council. The issues in our growing community call for city council members with a clear vision that promotes safety, smart growth and prosperity for the community. I believe Matt Boehnke can fill that role.

His background as a veteran who served our country for 21 years has provided him with experience in large-scale problem solving and dealing with diverse peoples, cultures and locations. This experience will be an asset to our community as it continues to grow.

Kennewick will benefit from a city council member like Matt, a retired lieutenant colonel, who has a proven record of successfully solving problems with the weight of others' safety on his shoulders, to help create collaborative agreements that direct a growing Kennewick in the right direction for its residents.

As a lifelong Kennewick resident, I have witnessed Matt's commitment to our community for many years. His involvement in community issues was the same whether he was in town or serving overseas. I urge all readers to vote for a smart, safe and prosperous future by voting Matt Boehnke for Kennewick City Council.


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