Election letter -- Appeals Court: Not Metro

October 25, 2013 

With great disappointment, I read that Gary Metro is running for the State Court of Appeals. Why am I disappointed? Because his ad in Sunday's Tri-City Herald on page C10 has absolutely nothing to do with being qualified. First, this is a nonpartisan position -- the whole ad screams partisanship, from the trashing of his opponent to the endorsements he touts. If he is a "conservative's conservative" then he should run for the Legislature, not the judiciary.

The job of a judge on any court is about making principled decisions, not promoting your ideology. The public and the litigants deserve someone who leaves their partisanship at the front door of the courthouse.

Second, how judicial is it to trash your opponent? Is that the best you can do? Third, what are his qualifications? How many cases has he had before the Court of Appeals, or the State Supreme Court?

I'm sure he's a fine man, but not someone qualified for the Court of Appeals.

How do I know? Because as the wife of retired Judge Dennis Sweeney, I watched someone in that position for 22 years on the Court of Appeals.


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