Letter: Keep Goethals open as neighborhood greenway

October 25, 2013 

I am disappointed and saddened to see the closure of the only remaining neighborhood greenway in central Richland.

Neighborhood greenways are residential streets, generally one off of main arterials, with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds, where people who walk and ride bicycles are given priority. The greenways connect one area of town to another area, such as Richland uptown to downtown.

The only remaining greenway to do that is Goethals between heavily trafficked Jadwin and Stevens. Goethals is even car friendly, slower pace, a connector between the two business sections of Richland, and easy access to medical offices, hospital, library, post office and businesses.

The city has given permission to Kadlec to close this section of the Goethals Greenway. This will cause people to take a broad detour route via Jadwin or Stevens. The road could be kept open, the crosswalk has flashing lights when pedestrians cross, speed bumps to slow traffic, no street parking, and access to the new building only from eastern side. I realize that once the political gears are in motion, it is difficult to stop, but I am hoping there are some people out there who care and might be able to make a difference.


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