Letter: Money enough coming in to pay debts

October 25, 2013 

Certain truths are self-evident; some are not. Our government has never had as much debt as it has under the present administration, but our government has enough tax revenue coming in to pay all its bondholders and other essential domestic commitments.

However, our president insists that Congress raise the debt ceiling so he will be able to pay all his promised donations to his favorite foreign countries (and these run into the billions). Instead of reducing foreign aid, the administration prefers to reduce domestic payments by laying off workers and inflicting as much inconvenience (an understatement) on the public as it can dream up, such as closing parks which receive no government money.

The most self-evident truth seems to be that your elected representatives have no voice in running our government since one man, the leader of the Senate taking orders from the president, decides what is voted on, and he has his instructions that nothing proposed by those nasty Republicans will ever be taken up in the Senate unless he gets what he wants. He even refused the House bill to pay deceased veteran's benefits. Sad, isn't it?


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