Letter: Name change to Trios Health raises question about taxes

October 25, 2013 

Letter: Name change to Trios Health raises question about taxes

It was with disbelief that I read Wanda Briggs' statement, "We have not been Kennewick General Hospital by definition for a very long time." When they lost the 2007 ballot issue by 2-to-1 against the 42-cent levy, there were no comments about not being KGH.

By definition, they have no moral right to continue sucking up taxes (as they did in 2012, instead of raising patient fees) under the Rural Hospital criteria for the KGH District formed in 1948.

Kennewick is no longer a small, rural population center that could not support a hospital on patient revenues alone. If Briggs and other candidates for the hospital board are such great administrators, let their hospital compete with Lourdes and Kadlec on an even playing field. I did not get any tax supported care at Kadlec Regional Medical Center last year.

What I'd like to see on the ballot is instead of candidates for the KGH board is a ballot measure to stop this taxation for a hospital that a majority of the voters were against and will not use. Let KGH, or now Trios Heath, spend the $1 million for new signs and materials from a business fund, not taxpayer dollars.


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