Election letter -- Hospital board: Reil

October 23, 2013 

I am the seventh of Rick Reil's 15 children. I was just two years old when my dad was elected to the KGH board. I never remember him not serving in that position. During my school years, dad attended many early morning hospital meetings. My brothers and sisters enjoyed this because he would drop us off at school on his way. Our phone rang a lot when people had questions or concerns about the hospital.

Dad's community service included many other things as well. He chaired the school levy and bond committee that raised the funds to remodel my high school. He and mom took us all to church every Sunday where Dad served in many positions, including teaching the children and Sunday school.

Dad's love of our community and of helping people inspired me to attended dad's alma mater, Washington State University, where I received my bachelor's in nursing. Today I have three daughters of my own; they, too, see my dad often going off to another meeting. I work part-time as a nurse and my husband manages a health clinic. We know what it takes to understand today's health care. We know my dad understands these issues.

Please vote for my dad.


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