Letter: Mainstream should take back the GOP

October 23, 2013 

I have been a Republican for most of my years and now believe it's time for mainstream Republicans to belly up to the bar and tell the Tea Party extremists to take a hike. Let them form their own third party and see how long they survive as an independent third party with their platform of extremism.

It's obvious to intelligent people that the Tea Party has been unable to achieve its extremist views via the democratic process so they once again have chosen to risk the well being of my country by resorting to extortion, blackmail and hostage-taking of the nation to achieve their minority philosophies.

Fortunately, the weak Republican leadership is being reminded the hard way that America does not negotiate with extortionists, blackmailers or hostage takers regardless of whether they are religious extremists abroad or political extremists within our own country.

It's time for new, responsible and strong Republican leadership to take charge, kick out Tea Party extremists and restore traditional, mainstream Republican values.

CARL GRANDO, West Richland

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