Letter: Hastings shouldn't give in on debt

October 23, 2013 

Concerning the U.S. debt limit and House vote on October 16: My point -- for easy thinking -- if a family brings in $2,700 per month and spends $3,500 per month -- where will the $800 come from? Given that the family credit card has a $16,968 balance with a limit of $17,000 and $32 left to borrow next month -- the numbers show clear enough what is going to happen.

Now, any banker would balk at an increase in the credit limit given the family situation. I commend the conservative Republicans for recognizing this fact concerning our nation's finances -- we just have to add zeros to make this a $17 trillion credit limit issue! U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings, who represents us in the Mid-Columbia, voted for a credit increase with no conditions and helped kick the can down the road a few months more, and 144 conservative Republicans choose not to increase this borrowing limit against a liberal spendthrift Obama regime. I'm giving Hastings another chance to make a hard choice by February of next year.

MIKE MASSEY, Kennewick

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