Letter: God, not man, responsible for climate change

October 23, 2013 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report tries to explain "hiatus" in the pace of global warming this century "despite rising greenhouse emissions." They try to account for why temperatures have not risen much by stating 15-year-long hiatus periods are common. And "a cyclical dip in energy emitted by the sun" is a factor. Read the report!

This is a "face-saving" report by those blindsided when their wonderful "computer models" didn't predict this "hiatus."

When a climatologist or scientist is filled with self-importance and doesn't account for God being in control of the climate, then he's misguided, not I, and it's "science falsely so called."

God controls el nio. He controls the distance the sun is from the earth (a factor). He controls the heat within the earth's core (a factor). He controls volcanic eruptions (a factor). Those "ice ages" must have been earth temperature cycles.

What controls will man employ when God makes the sun seven times hotter than now and the moon becomes as hot as the sun?

God does what he wants and none can stay his hand or say unto him what doest thou.

Man thinks he is so wise and powerful!


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