Letter: In Focus warming claims not credible

October 23, 2013 

Regarding the Oct. 13 In Focus column by Alexandra Amonette and Steve Ghan, "Carbon Tax and dividend is a double win."

Is it really?

Relative to past climate, as pointed out by Don J. Easterbrook, professor of geology, Western Washington University, "We've been thawing out from the Little Ice Age for several hundred years but still are not yet back to pre-Little Ice Age temperatures that prevailed for 90 percent of the past 10,000 years. Warming and cooling has been going on for millions of years, long before CO2 could have had anything to do with it."

Relative to future climate, its sole basis is computer simulations. Very few scientists know what exactly are in these models. The models are not well benchmarked, and the calculation uncertainties are not rigorously accounted for and are therefore probably severely understated.

The carbon tax rate stated in the article will lead to an estimated $1 trillion taken away from American taxpayers within about seven years. This will do nothing but eliminate the No. 1 reason for the hugely elevated standard of U.S. living -- plentiful, cheap electricity. This tax does nothing but put us on a path to electrical rates like Germany, which are four times higher (31 cents per kilowatt hour vs. 7 cents per kilowatt hour).


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