Election letter -- West Richland: Gerry

October 21, 2013 

Election letter -- West Richland: Gerry

As a former West Richland mayor, I understand the challenges that our next mayor will face. I believe Brent Gerry is the right person to elect as West Richland's next mayor.

Gerry has more than 25 years of experience managing a business operation where he has served his customers efficiently and honestly while achieving goals on limited budgets. He has spent the last four years as a city council member, learning how government should operate to serve our citizens and building coalitions with officials in our surrounding communities to reach common goals.

Contrary to his opponent, Gerry clearly articulates a vision of how he can make government work for us all, not just special interest groups. He has listened to citizens and formed well-defined plans that will convert his vision into a reality that benefits us all. Gerry supports growth that improves the quality of the community, but is committed to carefully controlling growth to preserve the community ambiance that caused many of us to select West Richland as our home.

Gerry is simply the best candidate for the job. I endorse Gerry's candidacy, and urge you to cast your vote for him when you receive your ballot this month.

DALE JACKSON, West Richland

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