Election letter -- West Richland: Johnson

October 21, 2013 

Vote for Merle Johnson for mayor of West Richland. He is a true fiscal conservative who will listen to the people, not obligate the taxpayers to more unnecessary spending. Merle realizes the council must listen to the residents and the planning commission before obligating the residents to risky expenditures.

Merle's ideas for the future of our small city are refreshingly simple and can be accomplished without risking new obligations to our resident taxpayers. That is not the approach Merle's opponent has used as a city councilman.

Merle comes across as an honest, straight-forward man who isn't politicizing the West Richland city employees and police department. Merle's endorsements come from the taxpayers of the city; not city employees who receive their wages from taxes.

It is time to elect members of the city council and a mayor who serve the residents and not special interests as Merle's opponent has done as a council member. We need a mayor who welcomes new businesses to our city and doesn't try to bribe them with new taxpayer obligations to be here.

Join me and vote for Merle Johnson for mayor of West Richland!

LEON HOWARD, West Richland

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