Election letter -- KGH board: Reil

October 21, 2013 

Election letter -- KGH board: Reil

You might think you know a lot about a person until you work with him. I knew who Rick Reil was, but I did not know him well until I started working for him. I was his office manager for many years until health issues required me to step down. Rather than just let me go, Rick let me continue as his bookkeeper and work from home. Without his kindness and concern for me and my family, our situation would not have been good.

While working for Rick, I witnessed time and time again his commitment to the Kennewick Public Hospital District. He would often schedule time from his busy business to attend his duties at the hospital.

His contributions to numerous organizations included many churches' youth and missionary programs. Rick has mentored and had so many youths job shadow him that it would be hard to count!

I can honestly say that Rick spends about as much time contributing to our communities as he does earning a living. Those who know of him know of his enormous sense of humor. Those that know him well know of his kindness and generosity.

Our hospital needs his continued leadership. Vote for Rick.

RENE CLARK, Kennewick

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