Election letter -- Initiative 522:

October 21, 2013 

Election letter -- Initiative 522: No

At first glance, Initiative 522 seems like an appealing vote in the affirmative. However, like most initiatives and pieces of legislation, things are not always as they seem, and there are various intricacies and details that must be explored.

As we are all well aware, farmers, essentially, feed the world. Unfortunately, this initiative hits at the very heart of our agricultural sector. Farmers and food producers would have to implement costly new packaging, distribution and recordkeeping systems or switch to higher priced non-genetically engineered ingredients to comply with this complex monstrosity. And of course, the cost would be passed down to us, the consumers. Now is not the time to force working families to stretch out their budget even more.

To make matters worse, farmers, food producers, and store owners would be at the mercy of a new, asphyxiating lawsuit provision. A new right would be created for any person to file a lawsuit against farmers, food producers and store owners over food labels -- all at the expense of taxpayers.

As a university student and aspiring lawyer, I like to make informed and educated choices. I encourage a no vote on I-522.

ZACH SANTOS, College Place

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