Letter: Good, bad and ugly

October 20, 2013 

The Good

Denin Koch: "Teaching By Example," (Letters, Oct. 6). This 17-year-old gives me hope for the future.

Tom Seim: "The non-negotiating president," (Letters, Oct. 6). This gentleman is someone who has been paying attention to what is going on in this world.

Mel Adams: "Why Hastings?" (Letters, Oct. 6). It makes me wonder too.

The Bad

Any politician who cannot or will not negotiate for the good of the people who put him in office.

The Ugly

Front Page of Tri-City Herald on Oct. 3 -- Picture of suspect in slaying shown smiling and winking during a court hearing. Shame on the editors for picking this as front-page news in place of something worthwhile.

MARY WOOD, Richland

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