Fast Focus: 'What do you think of KGH's name change?' Telling the story

October 20, 2013 

I love the new name.

KGH as a name does not reflect the true story of the hospital. It does not only serve "Kennewick" but all the Tri-Cities. It is not "general" because it has all the specialties. And it is not just a "hospital," it has numerous facilities and has the largest group of physicians in the Tri-Cities -- about 100 very good, loyal physicians. Actually I am not aware of any doctor who left KGH and went to other local hospital, but I am aware of many examples of doctors who work for KGH/Trios now who came from "higher care" a hospital.

-- MAHO HAWAMD, Richland

Sounds romantic

Sometimes change is a good thing and in this case, changing Kennewick's hospital environment to Trios Health Care is a good thing. It incorporates more than just the hospital campus. It will encompass all units associated with the hospital such as the medical mall, the urgent care units, the hospitals, etc. This means it covers the entire community and that is what Trios Health is all about, serving the entire community, not just one area.

Trios Health welcomes all people from all parts of the geographic surroundings and that is a very good change! Incorporating the idea of the three rivers and the three cities was a stroke of genius and makes the name sound romantic as well.


Good things come in threes

Do we not serve three cities? Are we not at the confluence of three rivers? Anyone want to argue that the Tri-Cities are not green? Come on, people, it still is the same group of folks that are members of our community here to serve us. It wasn't a buyout or a merger. Yeah! It still is Kennewick Public Hospital District No. 1, governed by the same community-minded board of commissioners. What an exciting, positive change for our growing, thriving community. Plus we get a new hospital and no extra tax bill to pay for it! Wow! I'll bet somewhere in the future we'll even get ice cream.

I can't wait to hear what the nay-sayers have to say about this positive change. Wait, I know, they're outside complaining about the sunshine.


Makes sense to me

I must admit that the idea of a new brand for Kennewick General Hospital was perplexing to me when I first learned of the change. However, after taking the time to understand the need for a more encompassing name and the reasoning behind the selection of the name Trios Health, I've come to respect and accept KGH's forward thinking.

-- TAMMY JENKINS, Richland

Unified front

I think it's great. It shows KGH is unifying all of their practices and hospital(s) under a single banner. Happy to see they are doing well enough to remain competitive regardless of Kadlec's constant expansion. My son was born at KGH so it will always be a special place for my family, regardless of the name.


Change is welcome

I was happy to learn of the name change from KGH to Trios Health. It has been confusing when I see the various facilities throughout the Tri-Cities. I don't always know if they are part of the same health care system. Trios Health is offering many new facilities, physicians and state of the art services to our community. We all want the best health care when we need it and it looks like Trios Health is bringing that to us.

-- CINDY KELLY, Benton City

Same great service

The name change truly encompasses the services offered by the system. They no longer serve just Kennewick. They offer more than just general medicine. And they are more than just a hospital, i.e., urgent care centers, out patient centers, etc,.

I know change is difficult for some, but this change in names truly fits, and those who fight change just for change sake are missing the point and have no valid point to argue. I like the name change and will continue my use of the Trios Health system.

-- TONY LAPERA, Kennewick

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