Hanford whistleblower on CBS morning news

October 18, 2013 

— Hanford whistleblower Walter Tamosaitis told his story to a national audience this morning on CBS This Morning.

The segment is posted here..

As the Herald reported early this month, he was laid off from his job with URS Corp. after 44 years. That was three years after he lost his position as research and technology manager for the $12.2 billion Hanford vitrification plant, but continued to be employed at URS.

“My job was to point out if there was a problem, to identify the problem and offer solutions to it,” he said during the CBS interview.

He believes he was removed from the vitrification plant for raising safety concerns about whether waste would remain well mixed to prevent an explosion or uncontrolled nuclear reaction.

Work on a key part of the plant has since been stopped to address technical issues that could affect the plant’s safe and efficient operation.

Contractors say his removal from the vitrification plant project had long been planned and URS said it recently laid off several employees because of budget constraints.

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