Election letter: Initiative 522 -- Yes

October 17, 2013 

Hens and roosters are very different. Roosters control the hens, finding wonderful bugs and worms for them. However, they are shameless and soulless. Roosters will lead the hens and chicks to foods that are genetically poisoned with Roundup-resistant genes and other alterations.

Vote yes on 522 so that the good roosters and hens and chicks can have foods that are real and nourishing and the bugs they love are not killed with genetically altered grains, especially the bees, on whom the whole food supply rests. At least this is what my little red hen indicates to me. My hens don't eat bees. They seem to know the bees drinking from their water dish are friends.

God bless and protect Americans via grass root movements to enhance the soil with compost instead of chemicals. See the DVD In Organics we Trust.


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