Ticket to Ride: Warren Miller on screen Oct. 26 in Richland

Dori O'Neal, Tri-City HeraldOctober 17, 2013 

Kaylin Richardson masters the mountains in Norway. Warren Miller’s film, Ticket to Ride, will be on screen in the Tri-Cities on Oct. 26.


There's a collective bunch of thrillseekers on this planet who chant the same mantra every October -- snow, dammit!

These same thrillseekers are also crazy about Warren Miller films.

And the next one -- Ticket to Ride -- is on its way to theaters this month and will be playing in the Richland High auditorium at 8 p.m. Oct. 26.

This latest Miller ski film has all the usual heart-pounding action, comedic skier antics and cool music.

What's different is that the girls rule on the slopes this time, and they are having a blast doing it, despite the unpredictable weather and avalanche threats, Olympic skier Kaylin Richardson said in a recent telephone interview with the Herald.

Richardson and French skier Aurelien Ducroz explored the majestic slopes and fjords of Norway, where mountains stand as sentinels overlooking the Norwegian Sea.

"It was such a privilege to be in this film," Richardson said. "There was very little sun when we shot in Norway. Lots of rain and fog, but I loved it. I'd do it all over again."

That appears to be the consensus of the 38 hot-shot skiers featured in Ticket to Ride. The film kicks off with Seth Morrison, Andy Mahre, Tommy Moe and a few others skiing the last frontier of the Tordrillo Mountains in Alaska.

Then it's on to Switzerland, where Chris Davenport gets caught up in an avalanche in the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps.

Montana's Big Mountain, Colorado's Aspen, Iceland's Troll Peninsula and the epicenter of big-line skiing in Valdez, Alaska, are also hot spots in Ticket to Ride.

The film takes viewers to a couple of new places: Greenland and Kazakhstan. Ted Legety, Doug Stoup, Michelle Parker and Mark Abma are the thrillseeking skiers who tackle the steep slopes of Greenland, but they witness much more than remote virgin snow.

Greenland's jagged and shrinking glaciers are some of the most untouched ski areas in the world, and are threatened by global warming, the film's narrator Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley says.

"Greenland is a marker on what's happening to our planet," Moseley says. "And we need to be better stewards."

The film takes a jagged turn from the pristine elevations of Greenland to the chaos of skiing in Kazakhstan with Chris Anthony, JT Holmes and Espen Fadnes.

Holmes and Fadnes had to jump from a vintage helicopter at the top of the Tian Shan mountain range because the helo had wheels instead of sleds. But even though the jump might have made the guys a little anxious, they were exhilarated to soar down the 24,000-foot peaks with parachutes as well as skis.

Warren Miller reigns supreme in this part of the world, Anthony says in the film.

"Warren Miller is the Dalai Lama of Kazakhstan," Moseley says.

The film wraps with a magical visit to Iceland's snowcapped mountains, where going fast is considered a state of mind by three intrepid female skiers, Jess McMillan, Sierra Quitiquit and Julia Mancuso.

As if skiing at warp speed wasn't enough, these women take it even further by thundering down a few slopes wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

Admission to Ticket to Ride costs $18 and includes a free lift ticket to Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park.

Tickets are available at the REI outdoor store, 129 N. Ely St., Kennewick, or at the door. Tickets also are available at eventbrite.com, where they are subject to a service charge.

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