Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Oct 16, 2013

October 16, 2013 

Kennewick General Hospital

LONIGAN -- Sarah and Brandon Honeycutt, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 7.

MASESTAS -- Brandie and Trever, Richland, girl, Oct. 8.

MASCORRO -- Amanda and Artemio Rodriguez, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 8.

MONROY-IGLESIAS -- Leticia and Alvaro Monroy Martinez, Burbank, girl, Oct. 9.

TURPIN -- Joy and Sean, Richland, girl, Oct. 9.

ACOSTA -- Nancy and Sajhit Garcia, Pasco, boy, Oct. 9.

Walla Walla General Hospital

CAMPOS -- Yesenia and Juan Gomez, Walla Walla, girl, Oct. 9.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

GOMEZ-MURILLO -- Gabriela and Francisco Licon, Pasco, boy, Sept. 29.

MERCADO -- Erica and Charlie, Richland, girl, Oct. 1.

ORTIZ -- Beverly and Yobany Ambrocio, Pasco, girl, Oct. 1.

CASTILLO -- Lisa and Joseph, Prosser, girl, Oct. 1.

FALCON -- Prisma, Pasco, girl, Oct. 2.

RICCI -- Iliana and Brandon, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 2.

BROOKS -- Brandee and John Perazzo, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 2.

STRAIT -- Samantha and Dylan, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 2.

CANTU -- Danielle and Brian Irby, Pasco, boy, Oct. 2.

LEONIDES -- Carolina and Noe Magana, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 2.

COMBS -- Brooklyn and Erik, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 2.

GLANDER -- Falisha and David Guzman, Prosser, twin girls, Oct. 3.

THAYN -- Carlie and Paterick, West Richland, boy, Oct. 3.

BEDOLLA -- Mandi and Leuri, Hermiston, boy, Oct. 3.

HAWKINS -- Joanna and Chris, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 3.

ZHUGE -- Jing and Jian Zhang, Richland, boy, Oct. 4.

PARISH -- Valerie and Jory, West Richland, girl, Oct. 4.

HARRINGTON -- Lindsey and Robert, Richland, boy, Oct. 4.

WILLIAMS -- Robyn and Devin, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 4.

LOZADA -- Beatriz and Ismael Ramirez, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 4.

MITCHELL -- Brady and Ron, Pasco, boy, Oct. 4.

EPLER -- Brittny and Steven, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 4.

THOMPSON -- Rachel and James, Kennewick, girl, Oct. 5.

ROLEN -- Rebecca and Jared, West Richland, boy, Oct. 5.

RODRIGUEZ -- Maria and Rigoberto Diaz, Pasco, girl, Oct. 5.

RIVERA -- Meagan and Genaro, Pasco, girl, Oct. 5.

HENNINGS -- Arlene and Jerry, Hermiston, girl, Oct. 6.

CHACON -- Elizabeth, Kennewick, twin girls, Oct. 6.

KINCAID -- Alaina and Matthew, Richland, girl, Oct. 6.

HARPER -- Gema and Thomas, West Richland, boy, Oct. 6.

GARDNER -- Jenna and Justyn, Hermiston, boy, Oct. 6.

MARQUEZ -- Tricia and Sergio, Hermiston, boy, Oct. 6.

KRURBEIN -- Kelly and Stephen Sevall, Pasco, boy, Oct. 7.

DURAN -- Carolyn and Brian, Pasco, girl, Oct. 7.

PENA -- Alicia, West Richland, girl, Oct. 7.

ALLEN -- Joyce and Paul, Pasco, boy, Oct. 7.

DIXON -- Tyleen and Spencer, Richland, girl, Oct. 7.

KOVAL -- Alina and Edward, Pasco, boy, Oct. 7.

MCCULLOCH -- Melanie and John, Pasco, girl, Oct. 8.

RIEHLE -- Shanda and Brian, Burbank, boy, Oct. 8.

ROBERTSON -- Kelli and Daniel, Richland, girl, Oct. 8.

HODGE -- Shannon and Jon, Richland, girl, Oct. 8.

MARQUEZ -- Karina and Luis Chavez, Kennewick, boy, Oct. 9.

PIOVESAN -- Cecily and Douglas, Connell, girl, Oct. 9.

GOMEZ -- Miriah and Joel, Richland, girl, Oct. 9.

CARTER -- Joanne and Kyle Kopp, Pasco, boy, Oct. 9.

SIMONS -- Brittany and Luis Lopez, Richland, boy, Oct. 9.

NOOY -- Candice and Brian, West Richland, girl, Oct. 10.

ZEIGLER -- Rosemary and Dennis, Pasco, boy, Oct. 10.

ANDERSON -- Rebecca and Shane, Pasco, girl, Oct. 10.

KING -- Sandrine and Thomas, Kennewick, twin boys, Oct. 10.

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