Letter: Overpass in Pasco is a bad idea

October 14, 2013 

An overpass is just like the Berlin wall. It separates a city in two. An underpass is the most logical and cheapest way to go. It would take less than half the tax-paying property, and streets would not have to be moved. An overpass would divide east and west Pasco with the railroad as the boundary line. This automatically puts Big Pasco and all the agriculturel in the new city. An overpass will make First Street two dead-end streets instead of the bypass for heavy traffic that it is now.

Gary Crutchfield never has explained the advantages of an overpass. About a year ago I wrote four or five letters to Crutchfield explaining in detail the faults of an overpass, but he declined to answer. Let's put it to a vote and be fair. Also, Pasco does not need one way streets.


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