Letter: Students can get more sleep by going to bed earlier

October 14, 2013 

Am I to understand from the letters to the editor (Sept. 30), that students are asking the school board to delay the starting time of these post-pubescent kids to accommodate their late-night activities?

I am 74 and have raised three wonderful kids. So I am qualified to retort this judgmental hiccup.

What the students of McLoughlin Middle School are requesting is for the school district to supplant the parents' responsibility to exercise this time-honored family responsibility known as post pubescent parental discipline.

Imagine that! Parents disciplining their little darlings to go to bed at a decent time so they won't fall asleep in class. What a concept. I know it can be a pain in a place where there should be no pain, but look at the process; post-pubescent Johnny leaves his cell phone on the kitchen table, thus eliminating phone calls and game playing under the covers, then the laptop also goes on the kitchen table, eliminating any temptations from that angle.

All I can hope for is that these letters are a satire on the problem of kids sleeping in class, if not: God helps us all.


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