Letter: Wind energy is efficient, affordable for Washington's future

October 14, 2013 

In response to a recent editorial ("Our Voice: Fixing state's Energy Independence Act requires action, not words," Sept. 25), relying more on renewable energy is a smart and cost-conscious choice for Washington to make. Wind power not only is clean and dependable, but, according to a recent Energy Information Agency study, wind is one of the lowest-cost forms of generation in the country, second only to natural gas.

In addition to already low cost, as we improve energy efficiency we will be using less power, so people's bills will not be negatively impacted. So far, we have seen rates increase at a rate of less than inflation, so wind power has had little to no effect on the price of electricity in our state.

While hydropower is our most popular renewable resource, our rivers and dams are at maximum capacity. As we decommission old coal-fired plants like Centralia, where will the replacement power come from? Wind energy offers a far more appetizing solution than continued reliance on old-school fossil fuel. Wind creates jobs, promotes development, and helps keep prices low and predictable for everyday consumers.

JAMES BRADSHAW, Energy Systems Technology at Walla Walla Community College

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