Letter: Time to change out lawmakers

October 14, 2013 

In light of the government shutdown, I believe it is time for the people to take this country back. The partisan bickering being demonstrated by the Republican party and Democratic party members is a disgrace to the good name of this country, and besmirches the valor and heroism of the people who have fought and died for democracy. What has transpired recently is not democracy as you or I know it. It is, in my opinion, greedy, self-centered bickering that deserves, at the least, a time-out in the corner.

Democracy, in my opinion, is not being a member of the Republican or Democratic party. It's about being an American first, and showing statesmanship such that Congress and executives are able to come to a compromise that neither pleases nor saddens.

I say severely limit the power of the Democratic and Republican parties, recall all of the congressional legislators and impeach the president. Let's get a group of people in session that will work together and get on with the nation's business!


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