Letter: Kadlec needs to leave Kennewick alone

October 13, 2013 

I absolutely agree whole heartedly with the comments from Gary Clark (Sept. 22). Who the (blank) does Kadlec think they are? Trios Health, formerly known as Kennewick General, has every right to expand. Their new building is coming along great and there are enough clinics available. We don't need Kadlec's interference where they don't belong.

Richland always has thought they are superior to any of the other cities. I'm sure Hanford has a part in that. Who has the big shopping center and many shopping plazas, grocery stores and everything we need? Kennewick! Who has the most population! Why do we have to depend in any way on Richland (or Pasco)?

Yes I have been in both hospitals and I do not feel that Kadlec is any better than Trios; besides, Trios is much closer. That is a monstrosity that Kadlec built on Hwy. 395 and 19th (in Kennewick!) plus the one at Southridge. Neither belongs here. Who knows where else they will stick their noses.

I have no complaint for either hospital's staff, especially the nurses. It is the politics (what else?). Maybe the board members should consider running for Congress!

We are separate cities with our own governments, so to speak. Let it stay that way. I hope to see other's views and comments.

SHARON BURG, Kennewick

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