Swimming: Richland cruises to Tri-City Championships title

October 12, 2013 

Swim Championships

Girls in heat one of the 200 meter individual medley hit the water at the start of the race Saturday at the Tri-City Championships at George Prout Pool in Richland. Hanford High School's Shelby Schumacher, center, won the race.

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The Richland girls swimming team cruised to victory at the Tri-Cities Championships on Saturday at Prout Pool in Richland, scoring 309 points.

Hanford was second at 209 points, while Kamiakin was third at 184.

Katie Schroder won the 100-yard breast in 1 minute, 14.41 seconds for the lone individual victory fo the Bombers. Richland also won the 200 medley relay and the 400 free relay.

Hanford’s Lisa Tixier swam state-qualifying times in the 100 free (55.55) and the 50 free (25.59). She also anchored the winning 200 free relay. Mylie Oberg also was a double-winner for the Falcons, winning the 200 free (2:07.67) and the 500 free (5:30.35).

The best races of the day were in the 200 IM and the 100 fly, as Kennewick sophomore Alexis Murphy outdueled Richland sophomore Alyssa Musick in both.

Kamiakin’s Madison Thurber picked up a win in the 100 backstroke, while Southridge’s Danielle Freund won the diving title.

At Prout Pool, Richland

Team scores—1. Richland, 309; 2. Hanford, 209; 3. Kamiakin, 184; 4. Kennewick, 120; 5. Walla Walla, 106; 6. Southridge, 92.

200 medley relay—1. Richland (Lauren Hall, Katie Schroder, Alyssa Musick, McKenzie Schroder), 2:00.41; 2. Hanford (Taylor Fievez, Lisa Tixier, Cheyenne Griffith, Linnea Peacock), 2:03.07; 3. Kennewick (Blair Murphy, Alexis Murphy, Samantha Lester, Courtney Schreiner), 2:04.74. 200 free—1. Mylie Oberg, Hanford, 2:07.67; 2. BreAnn Bell, Richland, 2:09.24; 3. Blair Murphy, Kennewick, 2:10.24. 200 IM—1. Alexis Murphy, Kennewick, 2:18.11; 2. Alyssa Musick, Richland, 2:19.5; 3. Mackenzie Hale, Walla Walla, 2:26.7. 50 free—1. Lisa Tixier, Hanford, 25.59; 2. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 26.06; 3. McKenzie Schroder, Richland, 26.28. Diving—1. Danielle Freund, Southridge, 222.2; 2. Danielle Brandon, Kamiakin, 183.2; 3. Kelsea Hinkley, Richland, 175.3. 100 fly—1. Alexis Murphy, Kennewick, 1:01.66; 2. Alyssa Musick, Richland, 1:01.77; 3. McKenzie Schroder, Richland, 1:07.1. 100 free—1. Lisa Tixier, Hanford, 55.55; 2. Lauren Hall, Richland, 56.69; 3. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 57.23. 500 free—1. Mylie Oberg, Hanford, 5:30.35; 2. Mackenzie Hale, Walla Walla, 5:41.44; 3. Cheyenne Griffith, Hanford, 5:53.45. 200 free relay—1. Hanford (Janae Sullivan, Linnea Peacock, Mylie Oberg, Lisa Tixier), 1:48.9; 2. Southridge (Danielle Freund, Jaiden Hamilton, Shaylin Anzaldua, Rachael Schafer), 1:50.77; 3. Richland (BreAnn Bell, Haley Ricketts, Kelsey Olsen, Katie Schroder), 1:58.5. 100 back—1. Madison Thurber, Kamiakin, 1:03.56; 2. Lauren Hall, Richland, 1:03.93; 3. Rachel Schafer, Southridge, 1:05.95. 100 breast—1. Katie Schroder, Richland, 1:14.41; 2. Gracie Lee, Kamiakin, 1:21.29; 3. Sydney Caufield, Kamiakin, 1:23.12. 400 free relay—1. Richland (McKenzie Schroder, Lauren Hall, Alyssa Musick, BreAnn Bell), 3:58.52; 2. Kennewick (Alexis Murphy, Aletha Klies, Blair Murphy, Samantha Lester), 4:01.8; 3. Kamiakin (Carisimma Sartor, Claire Megna, Danielle Brandon, Madison Thurber), 4:09.08.

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