Thankful Thursday letter: Ice Age Floods Institute

October 10, 2013 

I am extremely thankful that we have an active chapter of the Ice Age Floods Institute in the Tri-Cities. The lectures and tours sponsored by the chapter are enlightening, entertaining and exceptionally well done. The Ice Age Floods Institute is a nonprofit organization primarily dedicated to informing and educating the public about the ice age floods, and promoting interest in the incredible deluges that shaped the landscape in Washington and the Northwest.

I want to publically thank local geologists George Last, Bruce Bjornstad and Gary Kleinknecht for the time, energy and commitment they are devoting to the institute. Many other geologists throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are contributing to other chapters.

The Ice Age Floods Institute deserves local support, and I encourage everyone with even a modicum of scientific curiosity to support the institute, attend the monthly meetings, listen to the lectures, and take some tours. The tours are the most enjoyable activities I've done this summer! For information about the meetings and tours, check out the Ice Age Floods Institute website.


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