Election letter: Vote yes on convention center expansion

October 8, 2013 

I've lived in the Tri-Cities all my life and spent years involved in my community and committed to local development that will strengthen the Tri-Cities now and in the future.

On Nov. 5 Kennewick residents have the opportunity to support expansion of the Three Rivers Convention Center. One great way to diversify our economy and decrease dependence on federally funded programs is to increase visitor spending by providing an exceptionally valuable resource that invites and guarantees more visitors to our area.

Last year visitors attending conventions and sports tournaments spent $36.3 million dollars at local hotels, restaurants and retail shops. Their convening, dining and shopping contributed to local sales tax collection which ultimately reduced the tax burden for residents.

These benefits would increase if the Three Rivers Convention Center was spacious enough to accommodate larger conventions. A one-tenth of 1 percent increase in sales tax allows for a 50,000 square foot expansion, which will be paid for by visitors and shoppers from various regions as well as residents.

Local average household expenditures would rise by only ten to twenty dollars a year, a small price to pay for significant economic benefits for our amazing Tri-Cities. Please vote yes for Proposition 1.

RONALD HUE, Kennewick

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