Election letter: West Richland mayor -- Gerry

October 7, 2013 

The differences between Brent Gerry and his opponent are clear -- Gerry's vision for West Richland is to maintain the city's rural atmosphere while encouraging new businesses to provide sales tax to support needed infrastructure, and to provide a safe city to raise our children.

Gerry's voting record as a city councilman is in line with his vision for the city. Compare that with Merle Johnson's voting record. Johnson voted not to purchase land for Flat Top park development (Johnson stated "he feels the land is the most ideal mixed use area in the city.") Johnson voted against providing funding to place flashing lights in school zones.

Brent Gerry is endorsed by West Richland Mayor Donna Noski, Mayor Pro Tem Rich Buel, councilmembers Tony Benegas, Ron Hayden, Gail Brown and Robert Perks, the West Richland Police Officers Association, state Rep. Larry Haler and others.

Instead of voting for a one-issue candidate, "Flat Top Park" Johnson, I encourage you to vote for the candidate with a vision of a first class city, Brent Gerry.

DON BUECHLER, West Richland

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