Letter: Cursive writing useful skill for children

October 7, 2013 

The Bloomberg News op ed that recently appeared in the Herald, "Today's students have better things to learn than cursive writing," is another example of the insidious indoctrination of dumbing down the American educational system. Is it better to learn to make an X than to write your own name? Is correct spelling the next thing to be obsolete? There are many Trojan-horse schemes by which they're trying to break apart the United States of America.

Is grammar next? Does grammar use too much brain power and finger energy when one is texting electronically?

Let us exercise and enjoy the miracle of the human brain and personal communication and not acquiesce to those who won't. Let our grade schoolers learn "fancy writing." It's good brain exercise, and much more useful and positive than some other things they are learning in grade school.


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