Election letter: Port of Pasco -- Ryckman

October 7, 2013 

Election letter: Port of Pasco -- Ryckman

We are fortunate to have Jean Ryckman as our Port of Pasco commissioner. This job is not an easy one because it takes time and commitment. The port needs leaders, people who know the community and the needs of our businesses. We need a commissioner who is fiscally responsible. Jean fits the mold. Jean has a tremendous background. Jean was an outstanding manager of our Franklin PUD. She is recognized as leader who is knowledgeable, a consensus builder and a team player. She is willing to give of her talents for the betterment of our community.

Jean Ryckman has been involved in many different community activities. Jean has been president of Pasco School Board, is part of the Downtown Development Authority, even the governor has recognized her abilities by appointing her to Washington Commission of Judicial Conduct, plus she's involved in other activities too numerous to list.

Yes, we have the best in Jean Ryckman. Join me in voting to retain Jean as our Port of Pasco Commissioner.


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