Letter: Flat Top Park concerns

October 7, 2013 

On Sept. 17, the Tri-City Herald editorial board decided to play the "misinformation" game. They say the city of West Richland insists there are no plans to close the park. I challenge the Herald to show where anyone claimed the park was in danger of "closing."

The Herald refers to a park document and says, "nothing in the document suggests Flat Top Park is in danger." Maybe if your staff reporters did some real investigative journalism they would find the facts.

Fact 1: In March of this year, the city asked the planning commission to rezone the Flat Top Park parking lot commercial. On March 14 the planning commission said no.

Fact 2: Aug. 5th KNDU reported, quote: We reached out to several city officials today who refused to speak on camera due to current legal action, but what they were able to tell us, off camera, is that, while the park will not be developed, the parking lot is a different story.

Us lowly "misinformed" citizens have said from day one they are after the lands around the park. FYI: The parking lot is part of the park. Period! The city and the Herald need to quit misinforming the public!


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