University of Washington dean's list

By the Herald staffOctober 6, 2013 

Students from the Tri-Cities area have been named to the dean's list at the University of Washington for spring quarter.

To qualify, a student must have completed at least 12 graded credits and have a grade-point average of at least 3.5 (out of 4). Students are notified that they have achieved this distinction when they receive their grades for the quarter.

Benton City -- Natalie C. Briggs, junior.

Kennewick -- Kirstie A. Arnberg, junior; Moonsoo Bak, junior; Collin C. Bampton, junior; Oscar Castrellon, senior; Justin D. Clubb, senior; Max T. Dreisbach, senior; Nicholas S. Fong, sophomore; Matthew B. Friehauf, senior; Cody M. Gadeberg, junior; Dustin W. Golding, senior; Nicole A. Gutierrez, freshman; Carolyn L. Haass, senior; Alexis R. Hooper, junior; Elizabeth R. Hooper, junior; Jesselyn S. Hughes, junior; Saleh F. Jaber, junior; Tate B. Kirk, junior; Kaitlin D. Kontogianis, sophomore; Kathryn H. Krupin, senior;

Jessica L. Matheson, senior; William J. McNamara Sr., junior; Taryn J. Meacham, junior; Edin Mehic, senior; Amanda Wyn Montgomery, junior; Skyler J. Peterson, senior; Christina A. Polyukh, sophomore; Michelle M. Rehberg, sophomore; David M. Ryther, freshman; Samuel J. Stephens, sophomore; Meghan M. Woffinden, senior.

Pasco -- Francisco Chavez Jr., senior; Ashley E. Davis, senior; Rachelle C. Johnson, junior; Kevin M. Kronvall, senior; Rocio A. Olivera, sophomore; Kelsie L. Williams, senior.

Prosser -- Anna J. Bowen, senior; Claudia J. Cortez, senior; Yoandra E. Cortez, junior; Robin C. Gabriel, senior; Monica F. Gonzalez, sophomore; Rigoberto Orozco Diaz, junior; Jesus Romero, senior.

Richland -- Kristin M. Branton, senior; Sadaf Chaugle, sophomore; Brian Chou, senior; Jennifer W. Chou, senior; Jeremy A. Coppock, senior; Suzanne M. Davison, sophomore; Marie E. Eberlein, senior; Sean M. Evans, senior; Amanda R. Gagnon, junior; Jessica R. Garcia, senior; Erik P. Hansen, senior; Casey S. Henderson, freshman; Daniel R. Humphrys, senior; David R. Hurlbut, senior; Alexander J. Josephson, senior; Jennifer H. Kang, junior; Meghan Khanna, senior;

Sung Min Kim, junior; Samantha J. Lehmann, senior; Kristin Liu, senior; Toby C. Liu, junior; Rosslyn Greer Luke, senior; Ruhi Malhan, senior; Sarah A. McDonald, junior; Elizabeth G. Muntean, junior; Clay M. Patton, senior; Jordan A. Pettibon, senior;

Samuel R. Ranslem, sophomore; Ian T. Reddick, senior; Rebecca B. Rogo, senior; Megan R. Sax, senior; Milo Hartman Sisk, sophomore; Benjamin P. Sullivan, senior; Jessica M. Thompson, junior; Kyle G. Umlauf, senior; Nicole G. Umlauf, sophomore; Alec R. White, freshman; Tara B. Wigmosta, senior; Matthew D. Wildey, senior; Jamie M. Wilson, senior; Simean Yang, senior; Zhao Zhang, senior; Zhiming Zhong, sophomore.

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