Fast Focus: 'Should Congress hold the budget hostage to kill Obamacare?' Afraid it might work?

October 6, 2013 

Republicans are inexplicably frightened that ACA is going to work, and rightwing religious nuts have twisted their belief system into a divine complaint against family planning (With a total population increase of a billion people every 10-15 years since 1960, humanity isn't likely to die out from lack of procreation). The brouhaha over ACA is founded in nothing but Republican partisanship and untenable "moral" complaints. For this, they've shut down the government, shuttered most services and put 800,000 people on unpaid furlough (while Republican lawmakers continue to draw paychecks).

Yes, the Affordable Care Act should be funded. If parts do not work, then we fix those parts. Wishing for a tried-and-true answer to our health care problems won't work. We know that, 'cause that's what we've been doing for years and costs keep going up while coverage goes down.

The pre-cursor to the ACA, aka Romneycare, works just fine. Don't allow Republicans and willfully ignorant citizens to kill a law on the basis that a Democrat president will be credited for a law that is good for Americans.

-- MIKE WILSON, Richland

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