Fast Focus: 'Should Congress hold the budget hostage to kill Obamacare?' Let the process work

October 6, 2013 

There is a process for passing and amending legislation in this country. Historically, it has been called democracy. Essentially, this means that the majority rules. The current effort by extremists to kill or gut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is out of place in the context of the America that I grew up believing in and defending. A handful of Congressional Representatives from safe, deep, red seats are seeking to thwart the democratic process and impose their will on the majority of people in this country.

Holding the best interests of the nation hostage to achieve a goal that could not be achieved through the established democratic process is nothing more than political blackmail. Honestly, I am embarrassed for the entire country by the circus that is going on in D.C.

Our own congressman is just as much the blame here. If the majority of House Republicans pressed the speaker to bring the budget bill to a vote without the ACA baggage, it would pass easily. That's democracy. Our congressman, and the remainder of his caucus who refuse to allow such a vote, are as un-American and as unworthy to serve as any foreign enemy who seeks to tear down our democratic institutions.

Political parties come and go, but we have survived as a nation this long because we respect the process of government. Our cherished ideals of political democracy are unraveling before our eyes. Let's hope that folks wake up before the extremists ruin a good thing.

-- ERIC NORDLOF, Kennewick

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